About Us

CY Consultancy Centre, is a registered and licensed Bangladeshi Company, with head office in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

We specialize in International Education, Investment, Import/Export, Real Estate Developments & business connections. In short, we offer fully-comprehensive consulting services, offering clients expert advice and innovative solutions. As well as our head office in Dhaka, we also have a partner in Cyprus, with associates in Greece.

Our team of young‘s professionals is lead by experts. We assist Bangladeshi & South Asian student seeking admission is globally recognized Education programs offered by famous Academic institute/University all over the world. Our recruitment professionals work hand in hand with Academic institute/University to reach their goals. CY Consultancy Centre is a leading and fastest growing student recruitment firm in Bangladesh since 2009

Countries we represent: Cyprus, Greece, Malta, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia, Uk etc.


Our mission is to be not just the best education consultants but also an effective marketing tool.

Our missions include:

  1. Creating paper free, streamlined and automated education consultation office where counselors spend most of their time in building relationship by empathizing with the needs and expectations of their students, parents, involved institutes or agencies.
  2. Educating and connecting students to make informed and wise career choices.
  3. Represent partner institutions and recruiting agencies’ best interest to recruit quality prospects rather than purely sheer volume.


Our vision is to be one of the leading education consultation service providers in South Asia by creating a robust environment where every learner experiences success and has an opportunity to realize their potential.

Aims.Our aims include

Create direct network with international education institutes and recruitment organizations to provide better options for the students. Engage every learner in challenging opportunities appropriate to their needs. Provide a tutoring network, which identifies current trends and disseminates information. Offer a forum which stimulates research in the discipline. Facilitate greater public awareness of our institution and recruitment partners among prospective students, parents, academics and recruiters.
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